Reminiscence Therapy for seniors with dementia or social isolation, delivered digitally.


Get ReminX for your loved one, and never be disconnected.


Reminiscence Therapy at your fingertips.

Reminiscence Therapy reminds your loved one of their life and experiences with the aim to help reduce anxiety and loneliness. Until now, providing Reminiscence Therapy has been labor intensive, requiring the caregiver to repeatedly show pictures or perform activities like playing music or video editing.

With ReminX™, helping your loved one with Reminiscence Therapy is easy. By spending a few minutes a day with our app, you can make a meaningful difference for you loved one.

Making it easier for the caregiver

See how ReminX allows you to care for your loved one remotely and collaborate with your friends and family. 

Custom Tablet

The ReminX tablet is designed specifically for seniors. Once your loved one picks up our custom tablet, the stories you and your family members have uploaded will play over low music. When the tablet is placed back on the charging dock, it doubles as a digital photo frame.

With ReminX, helping your loved one with Reminiscence Therapy is easy.

ReminX Tablet
  • Easy to stay connected

    Effortlessly upload photos, text and voice recordings for your loved one.

  • We do the work

    Our technology creates stories from your content and sends them directly to your loved one to be displayed via tablet.

  • Auto play

    There is no interface to learn. Your loved one simply picks up the tablet and stories start playing automatically.

  • Collaborate

    Friends and family members can all contribute to the care of your loved one by sharing memories and recent family events.

  • ReminX Family App

    Rachel, our Artificial Intelligence story bot, will help you and your family upload and text content. Content can include photos, videos, audio recordings, and music. 

    You can invite family members anytime using a custom family code we provide you. The more content that is uploaded, the better we can personalize Reminiscnece Therapy for your loved one. 

    The ReminX Family App is available on the iOS App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

  • ReminX Tablet

    ReminX is a custom tablet designed specifically for seniors experiencing loneliness or for individuals with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Simply pick up the tablet to watch stories.