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What is Reminiscence Therapy?

Remembering the past can bring a large amount of pleasure and understanding for anyone. 

People who suffer from Dementia and early onset Alzheimers often have difficulty remembering what has recently happened in their lives, so it is a way to easily talk about what they do remember. Often times the memories from years back remain detailed and intact.

Reminiscence Therapy (RT) is usually given to relieve stress and anxiety. RT involves discussing and sharing memories, reviewing and evaluating those memories, and re-capturing the emotions and feelings of those memories. But this can be time and labor intensive.  ReminX uses photos, music and voiceover from loved ones to create digital Reminiscence Therapy that reduced stress and anxiety in a university study, and can be used to increase family engagement. 


Being a family caregiver is an enormous responsibility, whether you are caring for a parent, spouse, other relative or a friend. When that person feels isolated or alone, the caregiver may feel even less able to set aside his or her caregiving duties to attend to social relationships they previously enjoyed. Does this sound like you? This can trigger loneliness and depression. Up to ⅔ of caregivers are clinically depressed by watching their loved one slowly fade away. ReminX makes you significantly less depressed when your loved one uses ReminX because you are crowdsourcing help from other family members and friends. 

Clinically Proven Effects


 A study at UC San Diego showed that ReminX had a significant effect on lowering anxiety and depression in patients with dementia. Family members use the ReminX app to quickly and easily upload photos through and provide narration.  Seniors simply pick up their ReminX tablet at home to watch stories from their own and their loved one’s lives.   ReminX isn’t just for dementia patients, though.  It can be used to connect any senior to their loved


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